I’m away for a week so I won’t be updating my blog
Update on George :)

Took him to the hospital today to get some x-rays done. Luckily all the x-rays were clean so nothing is broken!
He still shows some unlevelness on the volte to the right but it’s just one pace every 50 paces or so :) 
Still 4 weeks of walking him and putting him out in a small paddock, then we have to trot him up and put him on the volte again. If he’s okay  then I can start putting him into work slowly, if not he’ll probably get an MRI scan done :)


Mark Todd (NZL) / LEONIDAS II, World Equestrian Games, Haras du Pin, Normandy.





I’m hearing that it’s impossible to get to WEG. that people are spending 4hrs in traffic and turning around and watching it online.

so, wondering if I actually want to go now.

I heard that the cross country was absolute carnage, a lot of people got nowhere near. Apparently they way oversold tickets for the Stade d’Ornano as well. I won’t be able to relax until I’m actually there.
I’ve honestly heard nothing but bad things, and that’s putting it mildly :(

You’re scaring me now :s

My parents were in France to watch the dressage part of the WEG. The second day they had closed the parking as it was flooded and you wouldn’t be able to get off with your car. So they just said that you had to park somewhere … They also had to wait like half an hour for the bus to bring them to the stadium. 


Yellow Pony Farm, Arena by Archer & Buchanan Architects

Unionville, PA 






Getting more balanced :) 😊 #giothepinknose #dressage #equestrian #horses #hanoverian

Cody (the little brown foal) is like “hey there Gio” seriously tho, do they annoy you? Because normally they run around and be nuts whenever I’m riding

I don’t really care tbh, you have to deal with distractions everywhere so there’s no point hiding from it lol

it’s only when they are super cheeky and stick their heads over that Reg really wants to talk to them. I feel super stupid about caring about it but I’ve never had a horse that really cares about it so it’s kind of new and weird hehe :-)

Yeah that’s what they kept doing to me too and Gio kept trying to slam the brakes on to talk to them but it’s just another thing to ride through, I didn’t really mind :)

“What is a friend? A single soul, dwelling in two bodies” – Aristotle

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