Update on Van Peasschen, he’s now on the team.
I’m wondering who they are gonna kick out of the team:)



She wears blue jeans, I wear breeches. It doesn’t matter because we are both equestrians and love our horses.

Did I read that right??







Constant Van Paesschen is suing the belgian federation because he was not selected for the WEG? What?


I just read that too … I don’t understand why he does that … Ok, he wants explanation, but there is other way to have them. And did you read that Cadjanine is going to be at the WEG with an other rider ? I don’t really trust his owner, I’m wondering if it’s not him who push Constant to do that … 

+ Stanny’s reaction here (in french)

I’ve got some news about this case ! Sorry, all the articles I’ve read are in french … Now I understand a little bit more why he did that, even if I still think that’s definitly not the best idea. It’s more than his non selection, it’s more complicated… You can read an article from written the august 19th. I just hope he won’t change his nationality like his father said …

Thanks for the link!

It’s true there is some weird things with the belgian selection :

- Jos Lansink, whom we didn’t see much this season

- I think Jos Verlooy showed some good things, but it’s true the belgian level is high and he may not be one of their top rider right now

- Olivier’s horse, Cabrio, doesn’t seem in top form

- And it’s true Constant had a great season, with really solid perfomances from Toscan.

But choosing to sue the federation seems like a childish move, and not something that’ll win him respect. :/

Yes, sue the federetion won’t help him for his future … It’s really childish, yeah … But he won, so the federation have to include him in the selection, and tell to one of the rider that he is not going to the weg anymore … I don’t thing the team will be great with that … (i saw it here). I really think that put in the team now is a really bad idea …

+ For Cadjanine it’s Amre Saber Hamcho (Syria) the rider … 

Yeah so the syrian rider gets to go the world championships with a horse he doesn’t have any performance with.

Sport business at its worst. Sad. (And the horses’s owner is the same who owns Toscan… Someone really wants to see his horses in Caen, no matter the consequences…).

open-front-boots : I agree with you about Cabrio!

I’m from Belgium and this is just another dumb move from our federation. Here it’s all about politics. The 4 that are selected now have name but idk about their performances this season. 
My grandad bred Cadjanine and she is a really sensitive horse, so moving her from rider to rider is not a good move. Even when she was a young horse she acted like she was the queen and you have to be really calm with her.

Nothing new that people sue their federation. Look at Australia’s dressage riders. One of the riders sued them, she won and now she pulled out because her horse is not fit to compete.
And about changing nationality, how do you think we got Jos? He was Dutch first. Jean Claude Van Geenberghe was Belgian first but changed because he got more opportunities if he rode for Ukraine and because he had some problems with our federation (surprise surprise?)

I mean one of the chiefs of our federation grooms for a para rider and she acts like a frickin dog to her. We, the belgian youth dressage teams, considered sending her a letter if she would be up to groom for us at CDI’s?!
Not to mention that our great ‘para rider’ Michelle George walks in heels of 11cm, jumps on the side of an indoor arena … I can’t walk in 11cm heels and I look like a frickin handicapped person trying to get on that side of the indoor arena.

Belgium for Dummies …. 

Philippe Le Jeune's interview : on the treatment of high level horses



2010 showjumping World Champion Philippe Le Jeune was interviewed by Studforlife to talk about his situation four years after his title. I translated some bits as I find him very insightful.

Here is a first part.

NB: I’m not a very skilled translator so don’t hesitate to point out…

Thank you!!! transperceneige breaks my heart!
My favorite song is Classic by MKTO and man what I would do to ride a freestyle to that song
My thoughts on Totilas not competing at WEG


The press release states that the horse re-injured an old splint during training camp. This is not a conspiracy or a thing about Rath being afraid to go against Dujardin. It is that he cares about the horse’s well-being enough to respect that the splint will not heal overnight but needs several weeks off with poultice and ice in order to heal correctly. He is taking care of his horse to the best of his ability. Splints get activated all the time and if you can’t understand that, you probably can’t even diagnose a splint, let alone understand the treatment program for one.

So get your heads out of your asses, accept the press release, and move on.  

I also think that he was not 100% correct for the freestyle at Aachen, I think that’s why they pulled him out. At all the other CDI’s he has done, he has ridden all the tests and Aachen is not that long ago

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