So my best friend just told me he likes me more than friends … And I have no idea what I have to say to him the next time I see him …



Does anyone know anything about the FEI Pony tests?  My trainer is thinking about entering Winston in some next year but I don’t know much about them other than they have to be 1.43m or under… Anything else we need to know?

Rider have to be 16 years or under, pony under 148 cm. Tests include shoulder in, half passes, counter canter and simple changes. At least here you have to qualify to ride them but don’t think that’s the way everywhere.
among others will probably know more, it was too long since I did ponies! Oh and

Yup that’s about it actually for the pony tests :) In these classes you can see the difference between good ponies and top ponies. Here in Europe you have to score around 70% to be in the top 15 at a European Championship.
In Belgium you can just jump to the FEI pony classes without a problem. Do you perhaps have a video of Winston?


sunrise over Marsh Pond Farm, Wellington, Florida

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