Morgan, a 12-13 year old bravely hops back on her cheeky pony, smiling all the way, after a nasty fall.


Bringing this back because Morgan is my absolute fave

I need to ride. I don’t just like to ride, love to ride, enjoy riding. But I need to ride. If I don’t ride, I become depressed, agitated, grumpy, annoyed, short-tempered. Riding is my personal psychiatrist, my way of relieving stress and everything calms down when I ride. My brain quiets, all of the issues I have in my life cease to exist for that hour or two that I sit in my saddle atop my favorite animal in my life. Riding isn’t a want, it’s a necessity.
me explaining to a misunderstanding cousin (via equinegear)


Training day at Champs

i checked the site and they dont have the flower pad in dressage anymore, onlt versatile …
What I can do is let you choose between these two saddle pads. One is from Lamicell and the other from Horse Sports.
The one from lamicell can be in red or blue. It had also little flowers on the side as you can see.
The one from horsesports is velvet.

Anonymous asked:
Where did you get that floral saddle pad? Can it be used for jumping? Sorry I know nothing about english riding but in case I wernt to win it i'd like to get it for my best friend

If I’m correct I can also get it as a showjumping pad. If not, they have some other nice things too :)
It’s from royal horse outlet


The Derby Wall.

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